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Week 2 (27.04.20- 01.05.20)

Activity 1



Making toast


This week we are going to make toast.

This is a very simple recipe which uses very few instructions.

Think about how you make toast and draw out the instruction in picutres.

What is your favourite topping to put on toast ?

Remember to take a picture of your toast and post it to the blog for me to see.


Activity 2




Last week you created some designs for your puppets. 


This week we are thinking about fabric. 


You are going to become a fabric investigator! 


Have a look through the slides below. 

Once you have looked through the slides, I would like you to take your investigation sheet around your house and see how many different fabrics you can find in your home. 


Think about the texture of those materials. Texture is how something feels. 


What is your sofa made out of?

What are your curtains made out of?


What about your cuddly toys?


If you look through your clothes you will find lots of different fabrics - Which fabrics are your clothes made out of?


Write down the different types of fabrics you find on your sheet and make a note of how they look and feel.