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Week 2 (27.4.20-1.5.20)

About P4C:


P4C (Philosophy for Children) encourages reasoning and critical thinking in children. 


Normally, when we are at school, we have a P4C session on a Friday. We thought we would try and keep some normality and stick to this routine by setting you a P4C task every Friday. 


After a long week, you can use P4C as your thinking and reflecting time. 


The children are usually presented with a stimulus and a question to go with it. 


Activity 1


Have a think about our story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.




Think about the part where the seagulls take Mr Grinling's lunch. 


Then have a think about these questions:

(Discuss with your somebody at home..your sibling, mum, dad or adult)


1. Is it right to take something that isn't yours?


2. Do you think it was right for the seagulls to take Mr Grinling's lunch?


3. What if the seagulls were very hungry and didn't have any other food to eat?