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Week 2 (27.4.20-1.5.20)

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by Ronda Armitage


Hopefully you are now all familiar with our new book 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.


I hope you enjoyed reading it, we have another week of fun activities for you to complete at home. 


If you need a little reminder of the book you can listen to it here:

or you can read the book below: 

Activity 1


Once you have listened to or read the story again, you are going to be designing your own tasty sandwich. 


In the book, Mrs Grinling puts lots of delicious ingredients to make different tasty sandwiches for Mr Grinling. Today, you are going to  think of your own sandwich and you can use any ingredients you want. 


A Lighthouse Sandwich


First, you will draw a picture of your sandwich and your fillings.

Next, you will write some sentences to describe your ingredients. 


When you are describing your ingredients, remember to use adjectives as they make our writing more exciting. (Look at the word mat below to help)


An adjective is a describing word, you can watch this video to remind yourself:


Example: I put a juicy, red tomato in my sandwich. 

              The cucumber is wet and crunchy


You can use the worksheet below or just complete the activity on a piece of paper - but make sure you upload a photo on to the class blog so I can see it! 

Activity 2


Those naughty seagulls keep stealing Mr Grinling's lunch. Do you remember what Mr and Mrs Grinling did to try and stop the seagulls?


Today, we are going to help Mr and Mrs Grinling. I would like you to think about how we can stop the wild seagulls from stealing the lunch.


Design your very own seagull-scaring machine!

First draw a picture of your seagull scaring machine or trap.

Then write a few sentences about your creation.

(Here you can think about what materials you would use and remember to use adjectives in your writing)


I can't wait to see all of your creations, make sure you take a picture and post to our class blog! 

Activity 3


As you know, soon we will be writing instructions. This week we are looking at the present tense, we always write instructions in the present tense. 


Follow this link to the BBC bitesize website to learn more about the present tense:

 Watch the video and then see if you can complete the quiz. 


Now have a look through the slides in the document below: 

If you want to really challenge yourself, see if you can complete this sorting activity. Take a piece of paper and split it into 2 sections (past and present) like below:


Sorting activity


Then sort these verbs into which tense you think they are, either the past tense or the present tense. 



Activity 4


Well done for your brilliant work learning all about the present tense yesterday. We are going to carry on from where we left off. 


Have another look at the video on the BBC Bitesize website again, just to remind yourself:


Then see if you can complete the worksheet below