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Week 2 - wk beginning 27.4.20

Activity 1 - Monday 27th April

Hide your number cards around the house. Go on a superhero number hunt with your grown up. When you have both found a card who has the biggest number? Keep going until you have found all of the numbers.


Activity 2 - Tuesday 28th April

I wonder how many numbers you can find in your house- are there any in the kitchen? In the living room? Can you write down what you found and where you found them?


Activity 3 - Wednesday 29th April

Put your number cards in a line from 1-20. Can you make some of the numbers vanish (maybe an adult can do this) and work out which ones are missing? How do you know?


Activity 4 - Thursday 30th April

Hide some different shaped objects in a bag. Play guess my shape- give clues to your adult- can they guess which shape you are hiding? Then let them give the clues!