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Week 3 (04.05.20-08.05.20)


Over the next two weeks we will be focussing on Mass. 

We will be learing about the terms heavy, heavier, light, lighter to compare the masses of objects on a scale.

We use the phrase 'as heavy as' to compare the masses of objects on a scale for objects with the same mass.


This week please look at the text book pages and complete the practice book sheets. These will be familiar to you as they are taken from the books we use in class


Remember if you have your books at home you can use them. Don’t write in the text book. Write your answers on a piece of paper or in an exercise book like you do at school.


Click on the pictures to enlarge them


Dont forget to watch the Lets Learn videos

Activity 1

Read through the pages and become familiar with the term Mass. Have a go at answering the questions.

Activity 2

Complete the questions. If you dont have a scales you can become he scales by holding out your hands. You can use any objects you have at home.

Activity 3


Read through the questions and work out the answers. You can write out the sentences and fill in the missing words.

Activity 4

Have a go at the weight ordering sheet. You need to order the objects from lightest to heaviest.

Activity 5

Look around your house and write down objects that are light and objects that are heavy.