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Week 3 ( 04.05.20-08.05.20)

Monday 04th May 2020

To plant your seed we are going to need:

-Dry lentils (or beans)

-An empty pot

-Cotton wool



  1. Soak your lentils/beans in water and put four of them inside a wet piece of cotton.
  2. Make little balls with the pieces of cotton and place them into your container (it could be an empty yogurt pot or a plastic cup…)
  3. Wait for a couple of days and observe how they grow!


Tuesday 5th May 2020

Sensory Spring bottle!


Talk to your child about Spring (the weather starts to change, flowers start to grow, baby animals are born)


Try to make your own sensory bottle using a recycled bottle and adding different objects.



Natural resources

Collect some natural resources from your time outdoors and decorate them at home using your home made paint.


Wednesday 6th May 2020

How shall I travel?

Put a pencil on top of the roulette and spin it. Move around (indoors or outdoors) with the action your pencil points to.


New season!

Strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries, blackcurrants are now in season!

Can you try some of these delicious fruits and compare the flavours.


Thursday 7th May

Pick some food from your cupboard and try to divide it into healthy and unhealthy food.


Pouring station

Make your own pouring station using different material from your house ( tray, glass, jars...)

Have fun!