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Week 3


Day 1

Shackleton’s rigorous recruitment policy also extended to the dogs that he took on the journey.

Look at the part of the book about the dogs that came on the expedition

The 69 dogs that were choose were for strength, thick coats and good temperament.

Why do you think those were the characteristics that they were looking for in the dogs?

Each dog was given a name, some were after famous people such as Amundsen (the first person to the South pole) and Shakespeare (you know who he was), whilst others were given slightly sillier monikers (names) such as slippery neck and slobbers!

The dogs were an important part of the crew, not just as part of the workforce, why else do you think they were important?

If you guessed for morale, you were correct. The dogs helped the men of the crew feel happier during the expedition. Each member of the crew was given a dog to look after.

Watch the following video. Can you identify the key features of looking after a dog?

How To Look After For Dogs

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Make notes of them.

Can you make a rough guide to how to take care of a dog?

Day 2 Create instructions for looking after dogs

Here is an example of how to take care of a cat.


Can you create your own guide for the men on the ship on how to take care of a dog?

Day 3 setting sail

Watch the reading for setting to sail and from England to South Georgia



This is a picture of the ship leaving South Georgia.

Can you draw your own version of the ship leaving South Georgia?

How might the crew have been feeling at this point? Can you create a word bank of the emotions that they might be feeling? Here are some examples to start. Scared and excited.


Day 4 Writing telegram

The crew sent telegrams to their families as they left South Georgia (a telegram is an electric device or system for sending messages by a code over connecting wires before phones).


This is an example of a telegram.

Can you write your own telegram? Use the word bank that you created yesterday to help you.


Day 5 - punctuation

Complete the Bitesize lesson on brackets -