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Week 3 (4.5.20-8.5.20)

Activity 1


This week we are learning all about instructions and next week we will begin to write our own instructions. 


Instructions are written for someone who needs to know how to do something. 


Today we are going to be looking at the key features of instructions. Here are some of the important things we need to remember:



Follow these links and watch the videos about instructions:




Then have a look through the slides below to learn more:

Now have a look through the instructions below and think about these questions:


Can you point out any of the key features we just learnt about?

Are they easy to follow?

Is there anything that could be better?

Activity 2


Have a look at the instructions below "how to make a sandwich":


Do they look right?


What would be wrong if we carried out these instructions? 


Can you put them in the right order?


If you have done that you can challenge yourself by underlining or pointing out the imperative verbs in the instructions and any other key features you notice. 

Activity 3


Have a look at the instructions below:


Are they easy to follow?

Can you see the key features of instructions?


Your activity is to re-write the instructions and make sure they are easy to follow and include all of the features from our checklist. 

Activity 4


First remind yourself of the key features of writing instructions:



Today you are going to have a go at writing your own instructions for how to make a sandwich. You should have all done this in week 1, so think back to remember the steps. 


Use the word mat below to help you:



Remember to use the checklist above to see if you have included everything in your instructions. When you have finished share your instructions with somebody in your house and see if they can follow them!  


You can use the writing frame below or you can write your instructions on any piece of paper.

It would make me very happy to see your instructions so please upload a photo to our class blog!