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Week 3 - wk beginning 4.5.20

Activity 1 04/05/2020:

This week we are going to be continuing to learn about 2D shapes.

Watch this video of the shape song on Youtube:

How many shapes can you name? Draw a picture of as many shapes as you can and cut these out.


Activity 2 05/05/2020:

Look at the shapes you cut out yesterday. Have a look at them and count how many sides and corners each shape has.

Have a go at sorting them into categories, for example ‘shapes with 3 sides’, ‘shapes with 4 corners’ etc.

Take photos of your sorting and put these on Tapestry.


Activity 3 06/05/2020:

Use something that you have lots of at home to make some 2D shapes. You could use dried pasta, straws, lollipop sticks or pencils. Which shapes can you make?


Activity 4 07/05/2020:

Draw some big 2D shapes on paper and cut these out. Use these to make your own shape monsters!

See example: