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Week 4 (11.05.20-15.05.20)

Monday 11th May 2020

Clarify the key vocabulary of the story and try to answer these questions.

Key Vocabulary:

Turnip, seed, stuck, enormous, pull


Tuesday 12th May



Look at the 4 pictures from our story The Enormous Turnip. Can you point to the picture that comes first in the story? What comes next? Describe the pictures as you go. 


Wednesday 13th May 2020


For today let’s think about philosophy for children (P4C). Have a really close look at the picture and use the questions to talk about the picture. 

Thursday 14th May 2020

Thinking about our P4C yesterday have a look at the picture from our story The Enormous Turnip. Apply yesterdays questions to the picture and discuss.




Friday 15th May 2020


Retell the story ‘ The Enormous Turnip’ and act it out with your family support.