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Week 4 (11.5.20-15.5.20)

Activity 1


This week we are going to create a plan for our own instructions. Here is a reminder of what we need to include:



We are going to take our time to think about each part of our instructions so that when we do our big write next week, we have a helpful plan to guide us. 


Below you will find a planning outline that looks like this - Don't worry if you can't print off the sheet, you can just create a similar plan on paper. 

Each day we will complete a different section of our plan. 


Today I would like you to think about what you want to write your instructions for. Once you have thought of an idea, you can fill in the Title section of your plan (e.g. How to make a hot chocolate.)


Then, you can fill in the box which says 'Things you will need'. This will depend on what your instructions are for but could be the ingredients, materials, or objects. (e.g. chocolate powder, milk, cup, spoon etc...)



Activity 2


Today we are going to continue planning our instructions. 


Yesterday we completed the 'Title' and 'Things you will need' sections of the planning sheet.


Today you will be choosing the imperative (bossy) verbs that you are going to include in your instructions. (e.g. stir, put, mix, open etc.)


To challenge yourself, you could even try and put these imperative (bossy) verbs into a sentence. (e.g. Put the spoon in the cup and stir the drink)


Activity 3


You should now have completed the 'Title', 'Things you will need' and 'Imperative verbs' sections of your planning sheet. 


Today we will be looking at the time connective section of our planning sheet. Instructions must be completed in a certain order and we use time connectives so that the person reading knows which order to follow the instructions.


Use the word mat below and again, if you want to challenge yourself, you can practice putting your time connectives into full sentences. 



Activity 4


Today we are going to finish off our planning sheet so that we are ready to complete our big write next week. 


Adjectives help us to make our writing more descriptive and exciting. I would like you to think of some adjectives you could use in your instructions.   (e.g Finally, cut the sandwich with a sharp knife.)


You can use the adjective word mat below to help you. 


Once you have finished this draw a picture in the picture box.