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Week 4 (11th - 15th May)

This week we will be writing our biased newspaper article about Fairtrade. Remember that we are writing an article that will highlight its benefits and promote it as a good idea.


Lesson 1 – Monday 11th May

You should have your planning ready from last week. Today think about your headline and write the lead paragraph and paragraph 2.

A good headline:

  • Rhymes,
  • Has alliteration,
  • Contains wordplay,
  • Is short and snappy.


Lead Paragraph:    Focus on the W’s in the planning sheet. Remember to use formal language.

Body Paragraph 2:     Remember to include all the details and use formal language, different clauses and phrases.


Lesson 2 – Tuesday 12th May

Today you are writing paragraph 3 and 4.

Paragraph 3     Write all about 1 or 2 products in detail

Paragraph 4      Make sue you punctuate your direct speech properly and give names for your quotes.


Lesson 3 & 4 – Wednesday 13th  & Thursday 14th May

For the next 2 days,  edit your work. First read it through does it make sense? Does it sound formal? Think about the vocabulary, can you change any in to a more formal word? Does the article sound like you support Fairtrade?

Make sure you have all of these:

  • Formal vocabulary – include passive and subjunctive mood
  • Conjunctions in different places in the sentence
  • Newspaper sentence starters (journalistic writing)
  • Varied punctuation () . CL , ; : ! ? "" ... –


Use this to help you:

Lesson 5 – Friday 15th May

Publish a newspaper report.  

Use the template, you can type in the document.