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Week 4 - wk beginning 11.5.20

Activity One (Monday 11th May)

Play teachers with a member of your family. Using number flash cards practice recognising numbers to 10. Who can do it faster?


ActivityTwo (Tuesday 12th May)

Number bonds up to 10 using rich tea biscuits and icing. How many number sentences can you write?

Activity Three (Wednesday 13th May)

Roll 2 dice. Can you add the dots together? Can you write it as a number sentence? How many can you write?


Activity Four (Thursday 14th May)

Find some objects at home and try to double these, e.g. 1orange and 1orange, 3 pencils and another 3 pencils.


Activity Five (Friday 15th May)

Can you write the number sentence for these-1+1=?, 3+3=? and then see if you can investigate your own doubling problems using objects to find the answer, e.g. what is 15+15?