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Week 4

Monday - Expedition

Look at the Expedition Map video

What do you notice is different with the Antarctic with everywhere else in the world?

Display pictures of the continent. Images can be found online of The Endurance in Antarctica.


How is Antarctica different from Islington?

Now watch the following videos

Are there any facts we can collect about the conditions of The Antarctic? What animals live there?

Can you create a zone of relevance? Create circles like below, and then place the words from the in the ring how appropriate they are to the setting. Create more words that you can think to describe the setting.

Now write in role as one of the crew to describe the first sighting of The Antarctic from the jib boom of the ship. Remember to include detail about the landscape. This was the first time people had been here so it is important to share details.


Watch these videos

What was life like on the Winter Base? Can you create a list of daily activities that the crew carried on with while the ship was stuck, e.g. catching penguins, training dogs Think about the tenses. Sometimes we need a tense for things that have just happened this is called the present perfect.


Present perfect exercise



Look back at the list you made yesterday for daily tasks. Which words would you change to state that they had happen recently?

E.g. I have just caught penguins, I have recently trained dogs, I have already built an igloo.

Remember not every verb when changed to the past doesn’t end in -ed.

Can you write a diary entry from the point of view as one of the crew? Look to include present perfect form in your writing, here is an example.



Watch these two videos


Look at this page, how does the author use verbs to describe the sounds created. Can you think how the writer uses verbs for impact?


Can you find all the verbs that give the idea of sound of the ship being crushed? Can you create a language continuum of the verbs, with the most powerful on right and weakest on the left


These verbs can improve the sentences.

The wind blew -> The wind roared.

Where did it roar? The wind roared across the Southern Ocean.

When did it roar? At dusk, the wind roared across the Southern Ocean.

How did it roar? At dusk, the wind deafeningly roared across the Southern Ocean.

Can you create your own sentences like this? Write at least 5.