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Week 5 (18.05.20- 22.05.20)

Numbers to 40


We are learning to count to 40. We are going to be recognising, reading and writing numbers from 21 to 40 and corresponding numbers in words and concrete representation. We will be learning to count within 40 by making tens first and recognise and interpret sentences associated with tens and ones.


This week please look at the text book pages and complete the practice book sheets. These will be familiar to you as they are taken from the books we use in class.

Remember if you have your books at home you can use them. Don’t write in the text book. Write your answers on a piece of paper or in an exercise book like you do at school.

Watch the Lets Learn Video to help you understand more about counting to 40.

Activity 1

Work through the next 3 pages and complete the questions

Activity 2

You are going to make tens, then count on. eg: 10,20,30

Fill in the missing numbers. Look at the example to help you.

Activity 3

Circle the groups of 10 and then count on and write the number. 

Be careful when you circle your group of 10. Make sure you have 10. 

Now continue counting in 10's

How many cubes are there?

Count in 10's and then counton till you have counted all the cubes. Write your answer

Activity 4

Reads the words carfully and write them out in numbers

Then read the numbers carefully and write them out in words

Use the number mat to help you

Activity 5

Fill in the missing numbers. Read the sentences carefully and use all your mathematical knowledge to answer the questions.