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Week 5 (18.5.20-22.5.20)

Activity 1


This week you will be using the plan you created last week to write up the final draft of your instructions. 


We will do this in the same way we usually complete our final piece of writing at school. 


I would like you to have a look at your plan and write up the first draft of your instructions using one of the templates below. 


If you upload a picture of them today, I will reply and let you know if I think there is anything you can do to improve your instructions, ready for your final draft. 

Activity 2


Now you have finished writing your first draft we are going to move into the editing stage of our writing.


Today I would like you to look back through your work and see if you can make any improvements. 


Did you remember to use capital letters?

Did you use full stops?

Have you included imperative verbs?

Could you add any adjectives into your writing?


Use a different coloured pen to add or make changes to you work and use the word mats below to help you.

Activity 3


Now you have edited your work, you will write your work out again neatly.


I would like you to focus on your handwriting, making sure your letters are all sitting on the line and use finger spaces to separate your words. 


Remember to take your time and try to stay focused. You could even play some relaxing music like we do in class. 

Study Music

Activity 4


Well done!


You have worked so hard with your English work this term, the year 1 team are very proud of you. 


Now your final piece of writing is finished you can draw a picture to go with your instructions and share them with somebody at home. 


Make sure you upload a picture of your final instructions to the class blog so we can all see each other's wonderful work!