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Week 5 - 18.5.20


Vocab ninja –essential– Use the link above to do the activity.

Lesson 1 – Write your introductory paragraph of the story – (Look at your plan – WHO? What? Where?)


WAGOLL Paragraph 1

In a faraway kingdom of Arragon, the sun rose over the mountainous horizon. Men, women, and children began to wake to a beautiful day, and the narrow-cobbled streets were beginning to fill with a discord of singing and laughter. The joyous sounds carried through the air danced gradually down to the creek. Odeon once known as a great king, a hero who became victorious at the Great War, steadily rose from the dungeon floor, merely peering through the bars which contained him for last 15 years. His dark brown, long hair, once wavy and shiny, was now dull and greasy, hanging across his face like a drape. He glared outside, with still an atoms weight of hope in his heart, of one day escaping the monsters that once captivated him for possessing the power of controlling fire. “I will escape this impenetrable dungeon, and rescue my uncle from the Island of Dystopia,” Odeon told himself.  





Vocab ninja –impetuous– Use the link above to do the activity.

Lesson 2: Write your build-up – What happens next? What problems need solving? Feelings - write a show, not tell sentence.

WAGOLL – Paragraph 2

Suddenly, the sound of marching, and thunderous stomps sent shockwaves of energy into the belly of Arragon. Ice rocks, the size of a battle shield came raining down. The eruption of roars sent tidal waves as high as the clouds across the River Sham. With a large CRASH! The high walls around Arragon split wide open. Odeon held tightly on to the remaining bars of his now obliterated dungeon. With the turmoil growing at large, Odeon still shellshocked, began to tread ever so carefully through the now decimated castle of his captors. The chambers of the castle once flourishing with endless drinking and feasting, now had bodies scattered across like carcasses of dead animals. “ODEON! ODEON! Son of Osiris! I demand you to come and face me!” The words of his arch enemy Cyborg rang in his ear like a bell. With a bit of luck Odeon spotted a spark levitating in the corner of his eye. With a loud gasp, he realised it was his fire power, which was once locked away by the wicked princess of Arragon. The closer he got the greater the sparks grew. In a blink of an eye, the flames moved through the veins of Odeon. He shut his eyes tight and clenched his fist out wide. Bang! A volcanic eruption beneath the feet of Odeon volleyed him into the air, piercing a hole through the clouds he travelled to the Island of Dystopia, with the last glimmer of hope in rescuing his uncle.  



Vocab ninja –instead– Use the link above to do the activity.

Lesson 3: Paragraph 3 &4 - Write your Quest

Where is your character now?

What does the new setting look like?

What problem does he/she need to solve?

How will they solve it?


Paragraph 3





Write what happens next - Does anyone help them? Include a dialogue between the hero and other characters. Then what happens?


Paragraph 4 (Spicy and hot)







Vocab ninja– daze – Use the link above to do the activity.

Lesson 4 – Have a go at writing the battle (paragraph 5) and resolution (paragraph 6)


Paragraph 5

Write your conflict/battle

Describe the monster that stands in front of you.

What powers do they use against your character?

Does your character overcome it? If so how?

How is your character feeling (show not tell)?

You can choose to adapt the fight scene you have already written and copy it here.

Include a dialogue between the hero and villain.



Paragraph 6


Resolution – Where does the quest take your character.

Example sentence openers:

The battle was over before it began…

It was over…The wrath of Zeus would follow him forevermore. Odeon and his uncle would be apart for eternity, doomed to live a hollow, desolate life.



Vocab ninja – suffice – Use the link above to do the activity.

Lesson 5 – Finish off your mythical story/Edit work. Mark your work against the success criteria:

Success criteria;

  • Read back your story, checking your sentences make sense.
  • Have you used a wide range of punctuation correctly?    (.   !     ,    “”    ?)
  • Have you written the story in 3rd person?  (He, she, they)
  • Have you included interesting 2A sentences, time connectives, similes, or metaphors?
  • Have you written any show, not tell sentences?
  • Have you written in paragraphs?


Write something you feel proud of in this piece of writing.