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Week 5 (18th - 22nd May)

Lesson 1 – Monday 18th May

This week we are doing a short poetry unit as we have finished our newspaper article. The poem is still linked to the idea of Fairtrade and global trade.  The poem we are doing is ‘The song of the Banana man.’

This poem is about a banana seller from Jamaica. Check out the link below. Read or listen to it, highlight phrases or words you don’t know and see if you can figure them out, then look at the explanation below on the link.

You have two different readings of the poem, one is more ppassionate than the other, which one do you prefer?

"The Song of the Banana Man" by Evan Jones (Favorite Poem Project)

The poem starts at 1 minute 55 seconds

Song of the Banana Man

"Song of the Banana Man" is presented by Miss Williams direct from Classroom 6C at the Albion Primary and Junior High School in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Below you will find a link that analyses the poem and expalins the language and meaning behind the poem.
Now have a go at performing it yourself, have a go at recording yourself and listen to it. Why not upload it so we can hear it?

Lesson 2 – Tuesday 19th May

Today we will analyse the poem a little more. It is important to understand the meaning and feeling of a poem before you write your own version on Friday. Read or listen to the poem again and answers these questions.

  1. What can we assume about the tourist and his attitude towards the locals?
  2. Why might this poem also be called a song?
  3. In what ways does the poem use rhythm and rhyme?
  4. How does the banana man feel about his job?
  5. This poem is from the 1940s, before Fairtrade,  would his attitude towards his job change in today’s world?

Lesson 3 – Wednesday 20th May

If you were a banana seller today, how would you feel?  Think about how Fairtrade has changed the lives of people.

Read the information on the website below and think about how you feel as a banana seller.  

Put how you would feel around the picture.

Lesson 4 – Thursday 21st May

Today we are looking at similes and metaphors to put in to our work.


A simile compares 2 objects/things to each other indirectly using 'like or as'.


A metaphor compares 2 objects/things to each other directly without using like or as. It normally includes the words is or are.

Think about the feelings of being a banana farmer (happiness, relief, tiredness, hard working).

Write some similes and metaphors based on those feelings.

For example:

  • Simile: I’m as happy as a puppy playing in the sun.
  • Metaphor: I’m a happy puppy playing in the sun.

Lesson 5 – Friday 22nd May

Today have a go at writing a poem about being a banana seller. Use the original poem to help you and try to use similes and metaphors in your work.