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Week 5 - wk beginning 18.5.20

Day one - Monday 18th May 

This week we are focusing on halving. To half something means to share something equally between 2.

Draw some shapes and see if you can divide them in half.

Day two - Tuesday 19th May 

Count out an even number of objects. Can you share these equally? Split the objects into two equal groups and count how many you have in each one.

Day three - Wednesday 20th May 

Can you make some word problems to solve? For example, if the dog had 6 bones and wanted to give his friend half, how many would he give them?

Day four - Thursday 21st May 

Draw 8 bottles of paint like the ones we have at school. Colour half in red and half in blue. How many of each colour bottle do you have?

Day five - Friday 22nd May 

Help an adult to cook a meal today. Can you help them share it equally between two plates?