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Week 6 (01.06.20-05.06.20)

Monday 1st June 2020


Silly soup:

Draw a picture (with an adults help) of a rat, cat, hat, fox, box and socks. 

Using a bowl and spoon as props to act out the song by stirring. Choose one of the pictures to go into the bowl, for example the fox, then sing:


I am making silly soup

I’m making soup that’s silly

I’m going to cook it in the fridge

To make it nice and chilly

In goes the fox ... which rhyming pictures go next? They must rhyme with fox!


Try starting with cat next time.


Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Adults using the pictures from yesterday’s Silly Soup place 2 of the rhyming words on the table or floor.Draw another picture that does not rhyme and place next to them. For example cat, hat and dog. 

Say the words together with your child. Can they hear the words that rhyme? Spend time looking at the pictures and talking about the pairs that rhyme. 

This game can be extended by adding more pictures/words.


For children going to Reception please complete the rhyming games also and start thinking about the sound ‘i’. I spy with with my little eye something I with ‘i’. I know that ‘igloo’ begins with ‘i’. 


Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Throughout the course of daily activities, encourage the children to think about and play with rhyming words:

I know I word that rhymes with cat, you need to put one on your head and the word is ...hat. 

This can be used for all sorts of situations and also some children’s names:

I know a girl who is holding a dolly, she is in the kitchen and her name is Molly. 

As children become familiar with rhyme they will begin to supply the missing words themselves. 


Children going to Reception please keep practicing rhyme. Can you also search around the home for objects beginning with ‘i’?


Thursday  4th June


Place different musical instruments/ objects with characteristics sounds into a bag and ask your child to choose and play one without looking.

Guess which instrument/object are you playing.


Children going to Reception: Can you recognise the letter ‘i’ between others?Can you sound it? Can you copy it in paper?


Friday 5th June


Try to play a song using a musical instrument and ask your mum/dad career to guess it.


Children going to Reception:Sound the letter ‘i’ and thinks about words starting with it.