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Week 6 (01.06.20-05.06.20)

Monday 1st June 2020


Take a walk around your home. How many doors can you find? Can you count them? 

How many steps does it take from the kitchen to the bathroom? Can you count your steps?

What else can you find to count around the home?


Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Collect a number of different objects from around the home (toys, teddies, pasta). Place them in a row and count how many you have.

What happens if you add another object? Does the quantity change or stay the same? 

What happens if you take an object away? Does the quantity change or stay the same? 

You can try starting with a different amount of objects.


Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Gather 3 soft toys or use pasta/Lego pieces/beans. Make a line across the table or floor. Throw the objects in the air above the line.

Where did the objects land? There may be 1 object on one side of the line and 2 on the other side but how many objects altogether? Has the quantity changed?

How many different ways can the objects fall on either side of the line? Next try with 4 objects!


Thursday  4th June


Help your child to make ice cream cones and scoops. Count how many scoops has each cone and represent the amount using marks on the paper or numbers.


Which ice cream has more scoops? Which ice cream has less scoops?



Friday 5th June


Can you order the ice creams from the one that has more scoops to the one that has less scoops?