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SM2 Week 1 (01.06.20- 05.06.20)

Place Value


This week we are learning to represent numbers as tens and ones in a place value chart. We have done some work in class around place value before.

We will be showing concrete representations in tens and ones given a number to 40.


This week please look at the text book pages and complete the practice book sheets. These will be familiar to you as they are taken from the books we use in class.

Remember if you have your books at home you can use them. Don’t write in the text book. Write your answers on a piece of paper or in an exercise book like you do at school.


Watch the Lets Learn Video to help you understand more about Place Value.

Activity 1

Read throught the examples and try out the questions. We ave done place value in class so this should be familiar. We are just using bigger numbers


Click on the images to enlarge.

Activity 2

Now you are familiar with pkace value using larger numbers. Complete the activites. Think about how many Tens there are and how many ones there are, not the total number of cubes.

Activity 3

You are going to continue to count using tens and ones but there are some addition questions too. 

Write your answers in your book if you have them or write them out on paper.

Activity 4

How many tens and ones are there. You should be confident with this now. 


I know in class we always love a challenge and we use our Growth Mindset to try our best. So here is a challenge to end the week and also to end our Half Term of Home Learning.

Give it a go and remember to use all you Place Value knowledge which is stored in your incredible brains.smiley