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Week 7 (08.06.20 - 12.06.20)

Monday 8th June 2020


Tuesday 9th June 2020


Can you count the sides and corners of each shape below?

Wednesday 10th June


Observe your environment. What shapes can you see? Can you name and describe them? 

Thursday 11th June


Make a shape using your fingers, hands or whole body. Ask someone to guess what shape you are making? Swap and get someone to make a shape using their fingers, hands or whole body. Can you guess what shape they are making? How do you know?

Friday 12th June


Can you answer the following questions?
What shape is round?
I have 4 sides. What shape am I?
What shape am I called if I have 3 sides?
Extended question: What shape am I if I have 4 sides but 2 are long and 2 are short?
Parents/carers use your hands to represent the questions and for clues!