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Week 8 (15.06.20 - 19.06.20)

Monday 15th June


Think about the names of people you know. Use the names in a game of ‘I Know’ similar to It Spy’:
‘I know someone beginning with ‘S’’
It’s Susan.

Children going to Reception:
Recap the sounds you’ve learnt already. Can you say the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘p’, ‘i’, ‘n’.

Tuesday 16th June


Use word play daily with your child making tongue twisters using alliteration. Use general items and daily activities, for example;
Susan’s sizzling sausages.
David’s dangerous dinosaurs

Wednesday 17th June


Think of some strange names for alien creatures. The alien names must be a string of non-words with the same initial sounds. For example:
Ping pong poo pop
Mig mog mully me

Maybe draw pictures to go with your strange alien names.

Thursday 18th June


Chain game - The adult will start the game by making a long sound with their voice varying the pitch (e.g. eeeeeeeeeeeee). The child repeats the sound and continues as the next joins in to form a chain. Start again with a different sound once the chain is broken.

Friday 19th June


Prepare some pictures of objects that make a noise (e.g. animals, steam train, a doorbell, a clock).
Record the children with your phone or tablet using their voices to make suitable sounds to match the pictures. Ask them to listen to the recordings later and match each sound to a picture.