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Week 10 (29.06.20 -03.07.20)

Monday 29th June


Recap Jack and the Beanstalk and answer the following questions:

Why did Jack take items from the giant?

Do you think he needed the items?


Was Jack right to take items from the giant? 

How do you think the giant felt when he saw his items were missing?


Tuesday 30th June

Act out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using different voices for the different characters? How do you think Jack’s voice sounds? How do you think the giant sounds? Get someone to film your acting skills and upload onto Tapestry.


Wednesday 1st July


If you had magic beans that grew into a Beanstalk that reached to the sky what would you like to find at the top of your Beanstalk? Use your imagination - it can be anything. I think I would like to find a hot, sunny beach with crystal clear warm water to swim in at the top of my Beanstalk!


Thursday 2th July


P4C-Would you rather have lots of toys or lot of money?


Friday 3rd July


Think about the main characters of ‘Jack And The Beanstalk’ and try to describe them.