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Week 9 - wk beginning 22.6.20

This week we are going to look at adding.


Activity One

Turn all the number cards upside down. Pick 2 cards up and look at the different numbers. Get some objects (counters, pasta, lids etc) and place the correct amount on each of the 2 cards. How many objects do you have altogether? Can you write it down as a number sentence?


Activity Two 

Ask an adult to write down some number sentences (e.g. 4+2=___ ) and using objects can you work out the answer?


Activity Three

Have a go at adding together 3 numbers from the number cards. Remember you can use objects to help you.


Activity Four

Complete the activity sheet provided in your home learning pack. Count the objects on each card and circle the corresponding number.


Activity Five

Play this game with people at home. Collect lots of little objects from around your house (beads, toy cars etc.) as well as a bowl. Roll a die and read which number you have rolled, and then count that number of objects into your bowl. The first person who gets 20 objects in their bowl wins! Repeat the game a few times.