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Week beginning 22.2.21

Day 1

What do you know about superheroes? Can you make a list with your child of what they can tell you about superheroes. 


Day 2

Look at a range of Superheroes that the children might know. What can you tell me about them? Are all superheroes the same? What is the same/different about them? 


Day 3

Read the story of Supertato. Talk about the story. What is special about Supertato?

If you do not have the story then watch the video below.


Day 4

Look at different images from the text. Discuss what is happening in them. How are the characters feeling? How do you know this? What would you do?


Day 5

Philosophy for Children (P4C) - This week’s focus is gratitude. See sheets in your pack for further details. The links are also posted below.

Supertato - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Have a listen to Supertato!