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Week beginning 11.1.21

Please make sure that your child tries to write their name daily. They should be using a capital letter at the beginning and then the rest of the letters should be lower case.


Day 1 (Monday 11th January 2021)

Re-read or watch the middle part of the text for your child. Can they draw and write some words about what happens in the middle of the text?


Day 2 (Tuesday 12th January 2021)

Think about the end of the text. Does it have a happy or sad ending? Draw a picture and write some words about what happens at the end. Put your pages together from the last few day and create your very own book!


Day 3 (Wednesday 13th January 2021)

Think about how the little old man was feeling throughout the story. How did he feel when the turnip wouldn’t budge? How did he feel when the turnip finally came out? Pretend to be the little old man, showing different facial expressions and movements for his different emotions.


Day 4 (Thursday 14th January 2021)

Make a recipe for a silly turnip soup. Make a list of some silly ingredients that you will need – be as imaginative as you can!


Day 5 (Friday 15th January 2021)

Using the template in this pack can you create a book review about the story we have been looking at. Did you like the story? Why? An adult can write this but using your child’s ideas!