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Week beginning 1.2.21

Day 1 (Monday 1st February 2021)

Spend some time looking out of your window and count how many silver cars you can see and then how many red cars you can see.


Day 2 (Tuesday 2nd February 2021)

How many silver and red cars did you see? Draw how many you saw. Which colour did you see the most of? What colour car is the least popular?


Day 3 (Wednesday 3rd February 2021)

Today we are going to make a tally. Below you will find a vehicle tally chart. Look out of the window at a road nearby. Can you count how many cars/ motorbikes/ lorries, buses and bicycles you see? Your child will need to make one mark for each. Afterwards, count up how many of each you find.


Day 4 (Thursday 4th February 2021)

Today can you make another tally? This time, you will need to look carefully in the sky for different types of birds. If you cannot see them from the window, have a look on your daily walk. In your pack is a bird tally chart to fill in.


Day 5 (Friday 5th February 2021)

Look at the tally of birds you made yesterday. Underneath are some questions. Can your child look at their tally and answer the questions?