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Week Beginning 1.3.21

Day 6

Number bonds up to 10 using rich tea biscuits and icing. How many number sentences can you write?



Day 7

Roll 2 dice. Can you add the dots together? Can you write it as a number sentence? How many can you write?


Day 8

Find some objects at home and try to double these, e.g. 1orange and 1orange, 3 pencils and another 3 pencils.


Day 9

Can you write the number sentence for these-1+1=?, 3+3=? and then see if you can investigate your own doubling problems using objects to find the answer, e.g. what is 15+15?


Day 10

Put small characters such as dinosaurs or toy animals in a group. Can you use kitchen tongs to pick them up and move them into a line (this will make it easier to count them)? How many are there in the line? Repeat this activity with different numbers of characters.