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Week Beginning 1.3.21

Please make sure that your child tries to write their name daily. They should be using a capital letter at the beginning and then the rest of the letters should be lower case.



English - Supertato



Day 6

Create a superhero using vegetables. Write a list of the vegetables you have used to create your superhero.


Day 7

Can you record your child telling the story of Supertato? Upload the video to tapestry.


Day 8

Oh no, the evil pea has escaped!! Can you make a wanted poster so that we can find him? There is a template in the pack, or you can make your own.


Day 9

Design a new costume for Supertato. He will need a cape and a mask, and anything else you can think of! Label the parts of the costume.


Day 10

Please complete the handwriting sheets in your pack.