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Week beginning 18.1.21

Day 1 (Monday 18th January 2021)

Over the next two weeks we are looking at shapes. Watch this video and learn about some simple 2D shapes.

Day 2 (Tuesday 19th January 2021)

Go on a shape hunt around your house. Can you find objects that are square, circle, triangle and rectangle? What did you find?


Day 3 (Wednesday 20th January 2021)

Cut out some squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. Can you make a castle picture by sticking and rearranging them?


Day 4 (Thursday 21st January 2021)

Using some masking tape or sellotape, can your child create some giant circles/ triangles/ squares/ rectangles on the floor?


Day 5 (Friday 22nd January 2021)

Look for the shapes you have learnt outdoors. On your daily exercise or walk, go on a shape hunt. Maybe your child can take pictures of what they find, or they could record it on a piece of paper by writing or drawing a picture. Then, watch this numberblocks video:

Here's some shape mats to help with your learning this week: