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Week beginning 25.1.21

Day 1 (Monday 25th January 2021)

Discuss how the stepmother and the two sisters behave towards Cinderella. How does your child think Cinderella would have felt? Encourage your child to think about how they can be kind and friendly. Can they write a list of ways to be kind?


Day 2 (Tuesday 26th January 2021)

Make a list of imaginative ingredients you would need to make a magic potion. For a tricky challenge, write a recipe too.


Day 3 (Wednesday 27th January 2021)

Imagine that the Fairy Godmother came to visit you at your home. If you could as her a question what would it be? Have a go at writing down your question.


Day 4 (Thursday 28th January 2021)

Use paper plates and string to make masks of characters from the story. Ask your child to use these masks to tell their own version of the story and act it out.


Day 5 (Friday 29th January 2021)

Using the template that you can find below can you create a book review about the story we have been looking at. Did you like the story? Why? An adult can write this but using your child’s ideas!


Book Review