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Week beginning 25.1.21

Day 1 (Monday 25th January 2021)

This week the children will learn about 3D shapes. Learn this song to remember what each shape looks like.

Day 2 (Tuesday 26th January 2021)

Enjoy and listen again to the 3D shape video. 


Day 3 (Wednesday 27th January 2021)

Go on a shape hunt around your house. Can you find objects that are sphere, cube, cone or cylinder? What did you find?


Day 4 (Thursday 28th January 2021)

Using dry spaghetti and playdough, can your child create some of the 3D shapes they have learnt about? Can they create a new one?


Day 5 Friday 29th January 2021)

Give your child a range of objects that are 2D or 3D. Can your child sort them into 2D and 3D? What do they notice?