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Week beginning 25th January 2021

Monday 25th January


Recap Cinderella and answer the following questions:

Where did Cinderella want to go?

Who helped Cinderella?

What did Cinderella leave behind?


Tuesday 26th January


How do you think Cinderella’s voice sounds? How do you think the Stepmother sounds? Act out the story of Cinderella using different voices for the different characters. Get someone to film your acting skills and upload onto Tapestry.


Wednesday 27th January


If you had a fairy godmother what would you want her to help you with? What would you wish for? Where would you like to go? Maybe you have an imaginary place you would like to visit.

Draw a picture of your imaginary place and upload on to Tapestry.


Thursday 28th January


Draw a picture of your favourite part of Cinderella. Was there a part you didn’t like? Explain why.

Remember to upload your pictures to Tapestry.


Friday 29th January


Retell the story of Cinderella in your own words. Use the book you made to help you. Can you get someone to film you then upload on Tapestry?