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Week beginning 4.1.21

Day 1 (Monday 4th January 2021)

Count to 20 looking at a number line (you can find this in your pack). Ask your child to hold up fingers to match the count, emphasising 5, 10, 15 and 20 by shaking one hand (5, 15) or two (10, 20) as appropriate. 


Day 2 (Tuesday 5th January 2021)

Count 10 soft toys into a box. Take one out, saying 9 and another out saying 8. Ask your child to join in counting backwards until you reach 0. Show them the empty box. Repeat with 10 other items.


Day 3 (Wednesday 6th January 2021)

Roll a 1-6 dice. Show me this number on your fingers. What’s the next number? Show me using the number cards (in this pack). Next roll 2 dice and count all the spots. What number is it?  


Day 4 (Thursday 7th January 2021)

Show your child 5 soft toys and then hide them under a blanket. Then show them another toy. How many toys under the blanket? Show me on your fingers.  Rabbit wants to hide with the other toys under the blanket. How many toys will be under the blanket then? Show me on your fingers. Record 5 + 1= 6. Remove the blanket to check.


Day 5 (Friday 8th January 2021)

Play finger aerobics. Shuffle a pack of 1-10 cards. Your child is to put their hands behind their backs. Show a card, but don’t read it. See if your child can quickly bring out their hands and show that number of fingers. Repeat several times.