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Week beginning 4th January 2021

Day 1


-To plant your seeds we are going to need:

-Dry lentils

-An empty recipe



Soak your lentils in water and put four of them inside a wet piece of cotton. Make little balls with the pieces inside of cotton and place them into your pot ( it could be an empty yogurt pot, a plastic cup...)

Wait for a couple of days and observe how they grow.


Day 2

Sensory bottle!

Talk with your child about different seasons ( the weather starts changing, flowers grow, leaves fall...).

Try to make your own sensory bottle using a recycled bottle, adding different objects.


Day 3

How shall I travel?

Put a pencil on top of our roulette and spin it. Move around indoors or outdoors with the choosen action


Day 4

Can you make a smoothie? If you do not have a blender try and use a potato masher to mash the fruit. Add milk, yogurt or ice cream to taste.


Day 5

 Sing your favourites nursery rhymes.