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Week beginning 8.2.21

Please make sure that your child practises writing their name daily. They should be using a capital letter at the beginning and then the rest of the letters should be lower case.


Day 1 (Monday 8th February 2021)

Read the story of Yucky worms

Yucky Worms! Read Aloud Children's Book

Have you ever seen a worm? Where do you see them? When you go out for your daily exercise, see if you can find any!


Day 2 (Tuesday 9th February 2021)

Read the story of yucky worms again. What facts have you remembered? Do you know anything else about worms that isn’t in the book?


Day 3 (Wednesday 10th February 2021)

How did the boy feel about worms at the beginning of the story? How did he feel about them at the end and why did this change? Can you draw a picture to show his feelings at the beginning and at the end? Label the pictures.


Day 4 (Thursday 11th February 2021)

Make your own wormery. For this you will need a clear container. An empty bottle with the top cut off will do. Add some gravel or stones to the bottom. Then add layers of sand and mud, with some old leaves on the top layer. Go and find some worms and add them to your wormery and watch them in action!


Day 5 (Friday 12th February 2021)

Create a worm fact file using the facts you have learnt. This could be some A4 paper folded in half, with a page to display each fact. Your child can draw a picture, write a word or even write a sentence on each page. Please aim for at least three facts.