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Children's Voices at Moreland

We value children's opinions at Moreland and there are a number of ways that children can contribute their ideas and opinions to school life. These include School Council, Eco Team and Digital Leaders. Children also elect a Head Boy and Head Girl and their Deputies every September.

Global Citizenship

At Moreland children are taught about Global Citizenship. As part of this curriculum children learn about:

Equality and Rights:

  • Power and Governance
  • Social Justice and Equity
  • Human Rights

Respect for Others:

  • Identity and Diversity
  • Peace and Conflict

Ecological Awareness:

  • Globalisation and Interdependence
  • Sustainable Development

Throughout their learning in Global Citizenship they develop skills that support them to think about these issues, consider different perspectives, develop empathy, articulate different view points, reflect, manage uncertainty, resolve conflicts and take part in informed direct action. This gives children a voice around these complex, universal issues, the chance to debate with others, present their ideas in different ways, take part in representation and make a difference to their community.

We incorporate learning about British Values, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Rights Respecting Schools.

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