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Ethos and Vision

Our vision for the St Luke’s and Moreland federation is that every child will thrive as both schools provide a broad range of opportunities where teaching is outstanding and makes a high impact upon learning and achievement. This is the core purpose of the federation; two fantastic, successful, happy schools who are at the heart of the EC1 community.

Valuing people, the children and their families as well as both staff teams is central to achieving success.  High quality teaching and learning and consistency in practice are a high expectation across both schools as staff work with energy in partnership, building their individual capacity to achieve more.

All of this is done because the children and their education matter more than anything else. Every child must have the best possible start as we work closely with parents and families to prepare children for life.


‘Reaching higher than I dreamed, becoming the person that I want to be, doing the best I can for the world and for me’.