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Meeting Minutes​​​​​​​

Meeting 8 - 2.5.2023

  • Next reading event will be Pyjamarama Day

  • Make flyers we will make posters for this today and put a post on class dojo. 

  • What activities will we do on the day?

  1. We should celebrate with a pyjama party

  2. Build dens using blankets and pillows (children can bring blankets to school).

  3. Make your own hot chocolate

  4. Have a ‘midnight’ snack

  5. Listen to a great storyteller telling a bedtime story

  6. Spend time reading in our reading dens. 

  7. Use torches to tell a story with shadow puppets


Meeting 7 - 18.4.2023

  • Some children are spending their lunch time in the library because of Ramadan and teachers have complained that the library has become a bit messy. 

  • Reading leaders to go and tidy the library today and make sure the children know that they need to tidy up before they leave.  

  • Islington Library Service have been getting rid of old books and putting labels on new ones. We will put out the old books on a stall by the gate at home time for children to take home. The rest will be donated to children in need.  

Meeting 6 - 14.3.2023

  • World Book Day was a success - Yay!

  • Our winners for the toilet roll character competition are: Y6 - Kaitlyn, Sara/ Y5 - Amber, Olivia/ Y4 - Anthony, Laila/ Y3 - D'Zavier, Roni.

  • All winners will receive a free book. Reading leaders will go and find out which book they would like and help them to choose. Then Athena will order the book.

  • Today we spoke about the library and what kind of furniture we would like. We looked at some pictures of libraries and wrote down some ideas about what we would like to order.  

Meeting 5 - 28.2.2023

  • World Book Day next week. 

  • It is our job to remind everybody to dress up as their favourite book character. Make sure our teachers have posted on dojo.

  • We will also be making toilet roll characters and all need to bring a toilet roll to school.

  • Some children are not reading their passport books. How can we get more children to read them?

Meeting 4 - 14.2.2023

  • Books have been delivered for World Book Day (given to us by the Young Readers Programme)

  • Every child in EYFS and KS1 will receive a book to take home. 

  • We decided it would be better to redeem as many books with our free book tokens as children usually forget to use it.

  • Athena will try and take the tokens to a bookshop and redeem them before the day. ​​​​​​​

  • We will spend the rest of the meeting tidying our class book corners. 

Meeting 3 - 31.01.2023

  • World Book Day has changed from Thursday 2nd March to Friday 3rd March because of teacher strikes. 

  • Reading leaders will go and put posters up around the school and tell everybody about World Book Day. We will remind our friends that they need to dress up as their favourite book characters. ​​​​​​​

  • Book tokens have arrived - reading leaders will let their friends know how to get their free book with their voucher and will also share which books they will be able to choose from. ​​​​​​​

  • Library system has been ordered we are now waiting for Islington Library Service to catalogue our books. We will create a survey to give to pupils asking them which books they would like in library.​​​​​​​

  • Reading leaders to write a review on Padlet - some children need new QR code. 

Meeting 2 - 17.1.2023

  • First, we talked about the library project and what we would like to see in our library. We will be sharing a survey about the library with pupils to find out what they think. 

  • Over the next few weeks we are going to be sorting out the library (clearing out old books) and tidying up. 

  • On Friday we are going to set out a table by the main gates for free books at home time. Reading leaders will help to set up and supervise.​​​​​​​

  • We made posters about the free books.​​​​​​​

  • Finally, we discussed plans for World Book Day and how we are going to celebrate it (information will be shared with parents, teachers and pupils soon).

Meeting 1 - 10.11.2022

  • 'Welcome to the reading leaders team' - we introduced ourselves and discussed what the purpose of our group is. 

  • Next we set up a Padlet page for the reading leaders to leave book reviews. When this is more established we will share with other pupils and eventually roll out for all pupils to leave their own book reviews.

  • We discussed our role as reading leaders and how we can help with reading in different ways around the school. We will manage the reading corners in our classroom and help our friends when they need to choose a book.

  • Next meeting we will discuss the library project and set up a page on the website to follow the progress.